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al islands,▓ make pilgrimage to its ancient shrine.Lon●g before the coming of the Nazarene, tradit●ion whispers, there was found i▓n Burma one of the teeth of Gau


▓tama, the Enlightened One.How it came to b●e picked up thus far from the bu▓rial place of the Wandering Prince is● as inexplicable as the discover▓y of splinters of the true Cross in strange● a



nd sundry regions far distan●t from Calvary.Be that as it may, a rich em▓bassy from the king of Burma bore the re●lic to this egg-shaped island, ▓and over it was erected the ce▓lebrated “Temple




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of the Tooth.” The wo●man who sold me the bananas T▓he thatch roof at the r

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Wedding Party

s a time-worn structure o▓f gray stone, simple in archit●ecture from the view point of the Orient,● set in a lotus grov


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shores of a crystal-clear lake.Mindful of t▓he assaults that I had more than once ▓provoked by entering a house of worship in t●he East, I content


ed myself wi▓th a circuit of its double, crenelated walls ▓and a peep up the broad steps that le▓d to the interior. The keeper of t●he inn to w


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hich fate assigned me had two sons, ▓who, thanks to the local mission-●school, spo

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ke fluent English●.The older was a youth of fifteen.In▓ the West he would have bee

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n ra●ted a child.Here he was accepted as a ●man, to whom the problems of life had alr▓eady taken form.Our c

the wisdom of Oxford and Camb● 呼玛县 望奎县 庆安县 青冈县 明水县 兰西县 绥棱县 海伦市 七台河市 双鸭山市